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Carol & Arnald — Minted




Our Story

Her Story

I first met him when I was playing volleyball at church. At that time he didn’t seem interested in playing and liked messing around. I was like, who is this guy? His fashion sense is “extraordinary”, like he was telling people to not expect much from him. He had a stern look and didn’t seem approachable, but I noticed many people talking to him. He always avoided doing work when there’s a cleaning to be done. On rare occasions he did help when everyone else was busy. Things started to change when he told me he was my Secret Angel during one Christmas. At first I thought he was messing with me to make me think he’s my Secret Angel. That was when he started texting me random stuff and links. I didn’t know why he showed me these things or how he got my number. But usually I do my best to respond back. It turned out he was my Secret Angel afterall. He gave me a really weird sword made of newspaper for that Christmas...I didn’t know what to do with it, but thought he was very creative. Later I started to take an art class at church. Surprisingly he was there as well. He was pretty talented and somehow we started talking more. He always laughed at my work, but I can tell he was a good friend. Later he invited me to go to Hong Kong with him and a few of our friends. I didn’t think he was really inviting me, he probably slipped. I did think it was nice traveling out of the country so I tagged along. I tend to roam off a lot and noticed he kept an eye over me. I guess he was making sure I didn’t get lost. Our paths crossed when he sat next to me on our flight back. I thought it was really sweet of him always keeping his eye out for me. And that is how our love story began…


I first met her at church playing some kind of sport...a pretty boring one. I was told her name was Carol, so I was like, “Ohhhh so this is Carol”(I do not want to elaborate on this). She seemed like a nice and quiet girl with a really good poker face, challenge accepted! She started coming to church more often and always fought to do the dishes. She was a great asset, our fellowship could always use some free labor. She started advancing the ranks of our fellowship really quickly. One day she was the new quiet girl, the next she was my group leader… I guess doing dishes will level you up faster. As my group leader, she checked up on me from time to time. In response, I sent her some really cool things that I thought can broaden her horizon...she seemed like she had really boring interests. I was selected to be her Secret Angel for one Christmas. I love to live dangerously so I played with fire and approached her directly and told her I was her Secret Angel. And of course she fell for my obvious tricks and she didn’t believe me. I even forged her one of a kind sword that was made with a very special and inexpensive material(engineering at its finest). I’m sure she fended off many monsters and men with questionable motives with it over the years, you’re welcome my future wifey. After that she was very thankful for my gift. So thankful that she started following me everywhere. She followed me into taking an art class that was for the most prodigious students like myself. Being the know-it-all, of course I gave her many pointers on how to draw and paint better(great husband material). Of course her art skills are quite formidable by now all thanks to me. She even followed me to Hong Kong with a couple of friends. That was when I found out her secret identity was batman(or girl/woman in this case). She always disappeared when we were not looking. Man, was it stressful keeping an eye out for her...wouldn’t want losing someone’s daughter in my conscience. On our flight back, she sat next to me too. After a couple of hours there was a terrible storm, when I looked out the window cows and houses were flying everywhere. Our plane experienced crazy turbulence. All my other friends were screaming and panicking like little girls, but Carol was calm and had the sweetest smile. At that moment I thought if this plane goes down, I’ll be single for life. So I held her hand. And that’s the epic legend of how I “kwun” Carol to be my Gyal-Fran.